Set Top Boxes

All set top boxes are HD capable and include: remote, coax cable, S-video cable, composite cable, ethernet cable and HDMI cable.

Entone Standard HD

Rent: $6.50/mth
Buy: $200.00

The standard Entone Set Top Box is HD compatiable, but has no recording capabilities.

Entone HD PVR

Rent: $10.95/mth
Buy: $380.00

The Entone PVR (Personal Video Recorder) has the capability to record what you are watching or record up to three events at a time in the future. This PVR is HD compatiable and can store your recordings with its 500 GB memory.



Experience the Best TV with PVR Essentials

PVR Essentials works with the Mornington PVR set top box, allowing you to watch, pause, and record live tv.

Never miss your favourite shows again! With the upcoming launch of our remote scheduler, use your Mornington cellular device to record while you are on the go!

With Whole Home PVR, you can now connect your Mornington PVR box to your whole home! Start a show in your living room on the PVR set top box, continue your show in the bedroom with a standard HD set top box!

Hate Commercials? Now you can record the show and fast forward through them with ease!


Pause TV
Pause, Rewind, Record Live TV

1 Additional Video Stream
This 3rd stream will allow you to record two shows while watching a third live! (Where bandwidth permits)

Whole Home PVR
Pause TV in one room, resume in another!


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