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Mornington Communications has been a co-op since 1994 and as a co-operative, it is owned by the members and governed by a Board of Directors. This unique distinction has enabled Mornington Communications to offer exceptional services at competitive prices and rewards members for their business by declaring annual dividends based on company profits.

To be a member of the co-operative
Becoming a Member

Benefits of Membership

Each time you subscribe to one of Mornington’s services, you are not just becoming a customer; you are making an investment in a company you own! As an owner of the co-operative, you are entitled to certain benefits that are not available to customers of big name companies. Two of these benefits or opportunities are:

Member Only Promos

Special promotions are offered to Members on a regular basis. Be sure to check your bill insert to find exclusive deals including discounted cellular devices, free On Demand movies, contests and more!


Every year, Mornington Communications gives away four $1,000 Scholarships to Members and/or their children. The application process typically opens in February of each year.The four winners are announced at our Annual General Meeting.

Annual Meeting

Each year at the Annual Meeting, you have an opportunity to participate in the election of representatives to the Board of Directors. Their job is to oversee the operation of your co-operative and to protect your investment. Each year two Directors positions can be contested. Members are encouraged to review the by-laws of the corporation in order to understand the criteria required to run for election along with the process to become nominated and added to the election slate. See the link above to view the current version of our corporate by-laws.

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