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Mornington Communications Co-operative Limited is an Independent Telephone company serving customers in the 595 exchange since 1919. Services provided by Mornington include:

Mornington Communications is a co-operative and as a co-operative, it is owned by the members and governed by a Board of Directors. This unique distinction has enabled Mornington Communications to offer exceptional services at competitive prices and rewards members for their business.  Members have perks such as:


Mornington Communications History

A number of rural telephone companies were started by doctors who needed a faster way to communicate with patients. “Paths of History” notes that Dr Niasmuth built the first telephone line from Milverton to Poole in 1892. This service was extended to Rostock and Brunner by Dr Egbert. Dr Barr and Dr Parker expanded the system with a second line that connected Milverton with Wellesley.

On December 15, 1919, The Mornington Municipal Telephone System was established, purchasing the Mornington-Wellesley Telephone Company's equipment for $8,284. The original system used magneto telephone lines and telephones had their own power supply of two dry-cell batteries. Customers could call neighbours on their party line without using the central switchboard in Milverton. Party lines had up to 30 customers paying $10 per year.
Milverton then converted to the common battery system. Telephones no longer needed their own batteries. Customers lifted their handset and an operator greeted them to place their call. The system had 775 subscribers; annual service cost $25 for a private line, $23 for a two-party line and $21 for a multi-party line.

A new office was built in 1964 and direct-dial technology was installed in 1965. This eliminated the need for operators to place long distance calls. Automatic number-identification equipment was installed in 1980, and a new computer was purchased in 1987 to print bills for customers. In 1988, Northern Telecom's new DMS10 digital switch was installed. Visitors came from as far away as Japan to see it in operation.

In 1993/94, a new office was built at the current location, 16 Mill Street East in Milverton. During that same year, the Supreme Court ruled that the CRTC would regulate all telephone companies including those operating under provincial jurisdiction. In accordance with Bill C-62, Mornington Municipal Telephone System was required to operate as a public utility, private company or as a co-operative. The Commissioners and subscribers elected to form a co-operative and Mornington Communications Co-operative Limited began operations on November 4th, 1994.

In 1996, the co-operative rolled out dial-up internet to existing members and to customers outside the 595 exchange that could dial the Milverton exchange as a local call. High-speed Internet services direct to customer homes in Milverton followed much quicker than in large urban areas. An opportunity to increase the customer base and to provide expanded internet services to members came with the purchase of Cyg.Net Internet Services Inc. in 1999, followed by Strat.Net in 2000 and some Waterloo-based customers in 2003. In 2008 all the operations of Cyg.Net Internet Services Inc. were merged with the parent co-operative and we continue to offer dial-up, xDSL and wireless high-speed services, web hosting, IP Centrex and customizable internet solutions throughout Perth County.

In 2000 we joined with other co-operatives and partners to respond to the needs of rural Canada. Dial-up service was just not fast enough. When the Federal Government opened the 3500 MHz spectrum, a group of co-operatives purchased licenses for data services. Mornington completed three locations for wireless data and in 2007 through participation in the Rural Connections program we completed a fourth location at Molesworth. In the first quarter of 2008, we added unlicensed radio locations in Linwood, Wallenstein, Floradale and Hawkesville. We continue to update and serve these areas with reliable and dependable broadband internet access.

In 2002, Mornington moved from an agency arrangement with a large carrier and introduced long distance services directly to our members. By offering long distance directly, members were able to continue receiving one bill for both local telephone services and long distance calling. This change has was very successful with our customers and members. New service offerings continued to be added. In 2006, Mornington Communications began offering home and business security monitoring. Throughout 2006, Mornington began planning to offer competitive telephone and internet services in other exchanges. During the last quarter of 2007, we commenced operations in Stratford and Listowel. In the summer of 2007, Mornington’s first Fibre to the Home deployment was introduced in Gadshill. Customers in Gadshill received local line service and high-speed internet delivered to them by the latest fibre technology. Since deployment in Gadshill, Mornington added Atwood in 2009 and Monkton in 2010 and Drayton in 2013. Additionally were feasible we have developed some small pockets of fibre services in Carthage, Topping and Brunner. The lessons learned in these deployments have helped Mornington with the fibre services upgrade that continues to be deployed in Milverton.

Mornington Communications constantly reviews our main products and we look for complimentary products and services that we can add to our package of telecommunication services and the benefits we offer to our customers. In 2008 we introduced a new cellular service in the Milverton area followed by an improved package of services in April of 2010. These services included an improved local signal and access to 4G smartphones along with all of the related monthly service plans.

After some extensive review of available systems, we deployed Digital Television services in the last quarter of 2008. Along with superb picture quality on more than 200 channels, Mornington continues to improve both the variety and the quality of our service offering with additional content along with emphasis on more HD channels. Our IPTV service includes Whole Home PVR, the ability to look at recorded content using any set-top-box in the house, subscription video on demand (SVOD) that allows customers that purchase certain channels to view this content whenever they wish, starting and stopping movies as if they had rented the video. In late 2013, we developed a true Video on Demand system for renting newly released movies.

After operating a Home and Business Security installation and monitoring business for some time, we updated and augmented this service in 2011. We hired a security specialist who has more than 15 years of security system installation experience including experience with, cameras, controlled access, fire alarm monitoring services and system troubleshooting. We also provide sound interior sound systems, intercom along with pool and patio systems. We continue to upgrade and train personnel in anticipation of offering more security products in the future.

Our search for valued added products and our commitment to hire and train local staff to provide the best service possible continues each and every day. Come out to one of our Customer Appreciation Days or our Annual General Meeting for more information

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