We have the abililty to serve you even if the wires don't run to your business

Wireless High Speed Internet is available to rural customers in Listowel, Monkton, Stratford and Molesworth. This service uses Red Max equipment, which offers download speeds on licensed spectrum at up to 4 Megs and upload speeds up to 768 kbps.
Mornington also offers wireless connectivity in Floradale, Linwood, Wallenstein and Hawkesville using a variety of unlicensed spectrum offerings. Mornington is currently upgrading this service to 4G WiMax. Different service offerings at speeds up to 10 Mbps will be available.

To qualify for Wireless High Speed Internet, you must be within a 10 km range and must have a direct, unobstructed line of sight to the tower. Trees, branches, or buildings in the line of sight will deter service.

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