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Mornington Communications’ Fibre to the Home projects have been bringing the latest technology, fastest speeds and highest quality services to our local communities.


Fibre Technology Plans


Computer technology, age, software, network management and other factors may affect Internet speed tests.  A direct wired connection from computer or device to modem/Command Centre will create the best possible Internet experience.

Command Centre

Do you have children and teenagers at home? Do you have wireless devices that you use to surf the internet, play games, stream music or movies? Mornington Communications’ Command Centre is for you!

Add Command Centre to your Fibre Internet for safe, reliable and fast WiFi service. Mornington Communications will manage the service for you while you’re in full control. You can decide how to set up Parental Control policies, filter out websites, and even control the time of day usage.

Our Technicians will optimize your service by finding the best spot in your home to place the equipment, allowing you to get the best coverage from anywhere in your home. Should there ever be any technical questions or service issues, you simply contact our local Support Team and they help you out. If the equipment ever fails, it will be replaced free of charge.

Command Centre is future capable – designed for speeds up to 1 gig!

Command Centre
$5.00/mth per device


Command Centre Plus

A single WiFi radio covers roughly 1000 square feet, and because the typical home is 1500+ square feet Mornington Communications offers the Command Centre Plus.

The Command Centre Plus allows the home owner to have multiple WiFi radios around the home ensuring seamless coverage. This is also a great solution for those hard to reach areas that block typical WiFi signals.

Large home? No worries, we have solutions to help create a reliable network throughout your home. Our technicians will help determine the number of devices your home needs.

Command Centre Plus
$5.00/mth per device


What is Fibre Optics?

Fibre Optics are long, thin strands of glass about the diameter of a human hair. They are arranged in bundles called Fibre Optic cables and use light instead of electricity to carry a signal. The light signals represent data, which is capable of traveling at the speed of light.

Did you know?

One bundle of Fibre cable not much thicker than a pencil can carry ALL of the world's current communications traffic.


How do Fibre Optics work?

To understand how Fibre Optic cable works, imagine you’re looking through a very long flexible plastic pipe several miles long, with the inside surface of the pipe coated with a perfect mirror. Several miles away at the other end, a friend turns on a flashlight and shines it into the pipe. Because the interior of the pipe is a perfect mirror, the flashlight’s beam will reflect off the sides of the pipe, even though the pipe may curve and twist, you will see it at the other end. If your friend were to turn the flashlight on and off in a Morse Code fashion, your friend could communicate with you through the pipe. This is the essence of a Fibre Optic cable.

Did you know?

Copper technology is over 100 years old. Many of the buried lines corrode which effects the quality of services through the lines.


What is Mornington Communication Fibre to the Home?

Fibre to the Home involves installing fibre optic cabling to your home or business.  Once installed, you’ll have access to crystal clear Digital Television, lightning fast high speed Internet and amazing Home Phone.

  • Stage 1
  • Burying the Fibre Optic Cables

You’ll start to see our construction crews working around town burying the Fibre – a similar process to old copper cables. Be sure to check your mail and local newspapers for the latest updates and news.

  • Stage 2
  • Fibre to the Home

One of the most important aspects of having Fibre Optics installed to your home is submitting a signed Construction Permission Form. This form allows Mornington Communications to bring the Fibre Optic line to your home or business with no obligation and usually free of charge.

A Mornington Communications rep will then contact you to set up a time for a Technician to perform a site visit to determine where they will bring the line from the street to the building. The Technician will mount a box on the outside of the building where the line will be brought in to be connected.

  • Stage 3
  • Activation

Once the construction crews have brought the Fibre Optic line to your home, which is almost non-invasive, our central office will be able to activate the line allowing you to access our services!


Why should I switch to Mornington Communications’ services?

Unlike copper, Fibre Optics can carry massive amounts of information, or bandwidth, over long distances without breaking down.

Fibre to the Home has greater capacity
Streaming music and videos, gaming online, sending and receiving large files and even watching Digital television requires more bandwidth and speed than ever before. Fibre Optics is able to keep up with this need, which means more fun and connecting with friends and family.
Fibre to the Home offers better quality services
Mornington Communications offers Internet speeds of up to 1 Gig! Our crystal clear Digital Television won’t let you down in the middle of a snow or rain storm. The Fibre Optic lines are buried in the ground, which means the weather doesn’t affect them. Enjoy many great calling features, such as Caller ID.



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