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Protect what means the most to you by having your home properly equipped with the best security equipment installed by a trained technician.



  • Smoke Detectors-Photoelectric sensors

    Detect slow, smoldering fires. When an alarm sounds, the monitoring station will dispatch your local fire department.

  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors

    Provides early warning to you and your family or business before the deadly gas reaches a dangerous level.

  • Water Sensors

    Positioned near potential problem areas, sensors can detect rising water sources before costly damage occurs.

  • Heat Sensors

    These sensors monitor the temperature conditions such as unusually high heating levels.

  • Freeze Sensors

    Offer a set temperature point that triggers an alarm when breached.

  • Glass Break sensors

    Tuned to the frequency of breaking glass, sensors help protect any large expanse of glass.

  • Wireless Back-up

    This equipment provides a secure, wireless method of alarm signal transmission to add protection against telephone line cuts.

  • Video Surveillance

    Whether a basic single camera is needed or a complex system, we can provide a solutions that meets your security demands.

    And much more ... Tell us about your unique needs.


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