Set Top Boxes


Standard HD STB

Rent: $6.95/mth
Buy: $295.00



Rent: $15.95/mth
Buy: $499.00*

Watch while you record two shows at once!  Pause live TV, rewind and fast forward.  With Whole Home PVR included, you can access recorded shows on any Standard HD STB. Plus, store your recordings with the 500 GB memory.

Wireless HD STB

Rent: $6.95/mth
Buy: $295.00

No cables running to your new living room? No problem! With our new Wireless HD STB, you can watch TV anywhere - even on your deck!
* Requires Command Centre rental of $5/mth.



Experience the Best TV with a PVR

Never miss your favourite shows again!  With Whole Home PVR, you can now connect your Mornington PVR box to your whole home! Start a show in your living room on the PVR, continue your show in the bedroom with a Standard HD set top box!

Hate Commercials? Now you can record the show and fast forward through them with ease!


Pause TV
Pause, Rewind, Record Live TV

1 Additional Video Stream
This 3rd stream will allow you to record two shows while watching a third live! (Where bandwidth permits)

Whole Home PVR
Pause TV in one room, resume in another!

Included with your PVR rental!

$5.95/mo when purchasing a PVR.

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