The Skinny on Skinny Basic

Large distributors of television services, such as Bell, Shaw and Rogers, are LICENSED and therefore obligated to adhere to new CRTC rules. Mornington Communications is an UNLICENSED Broadcast Distribution Undertaking (BDU) because of our small size. Unlicensed BDUs are not obligated to adhere to regulatory mandates developed by the Canadian Radio-Television Commission (CRTC) developed in the "Let's Talk TV" policy decisions.

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Mornington Communications plans to offer a small digital package similar to licensed providers.

As we are not obligated to provide a "Skinny Basic" TV package, the following may apply:
• A small package offering will be not be available for March 1st as contract negotiations with channel providers are not completed.
• Our small package offering may not look exactly like the other providers.
• The small package may not be offered at $25/mo.


Mornington already offers small theme packages at reasonable rates. Changes to theme packages are subject to change with notice. 


Mornington currently offers stand-alone channels. Additional stand-alone channels may be offered in the future.


This option where a customer can put their own TV package together is currently not available but may be an option in the future. 


Please check our website regularly for up-to-date TV package & channel offerings.

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